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Al Maliha Medical Group

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A strategic perspective of management in the UAE

Yusuf Ali Kausar Rushdi and Asma Kamal

Management and strategy are important factors in any organisation’s success. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has vast oil and gas reserves and is also currently the hub for international trade and corporate business. Al Maliha Polyclinic, is a private multi-specialty primary care health centre with GP clinics, dental and eyecare services and investigational facilities. Its main objective is to provide a high standard of primary healthcare services to the population in a remote area in an efficient and economical manner. It’s income is sourced primarily by out-of-pocket financing by patients as well as insurance companies. and success depends on its reputation and the standard of the services it provides. Its future strategy is to sustain itself in the region with expansion in the form of a hospital to cater to the growing healthcare needs of the population. Migration of the population to urban areas could lead to a reduction in the patient population. Its strategy of offering incentives to employees as well as providing a high standard of care to the population in an economical, efficient manner locally should counteract these factors.